Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

This weekend was Stitch 'n Pitch 2009 in Kansas City, and so a group of us from MisKnits went to see the Royals play the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately the White Sox won but we had a great time!

We knit, we ate hotdogs and peanuts and cotton candy and drank beer and even saw The Village People! (Photo evidence is coming!) It wasn't too hot, and we snuck to the back of the stadium and sat in the shade so it was a really great afternoon!

Here's proof that I do indeed go to major sporting events... especially when they offer special deals to the knitters!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Honey, I'm home!

Wes and I just returned about an hour ago from a great weekend in Chicago. The l'il sis had the starring role in Measure for Measure, so the fam all met up in Chicago for a weekend of theatre, good eats and fun.

Wes and I drove up on Friday/Saturday and checked into our hotel about 4pm. Then we met up with my parents and some cousins for a fabulous dinner at Francesca's in Edgewater. The food was really delicious, the company was good and the best part is that the restaurant was across the street from the theatre.

We then went across the street and were entertained for two plus hours. The play was really excellent, and we all had a great time. If you're going to be in Chicago any time in the next few weeks you should catch this one!

Sunday we all met up for brunch, and then the l'il sis went off to her matinee and the my parents, Wes and I went shopping and touring. I caught a few fun photos around the city, and my dad took this one. All we need is a pitchfork!

Now we're home, attempting to catch up with Mt. Laundry and get ready for work tomorrow. The garden didn't seem to fare too badly for a few days without water. We've moved it outdoors now and we're seeing some produce! We're most impressed with our cucumbers:

Some carrots:

And of course, the tomatoes:

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been knitting folks! But, everything I've knit lately has been a present so I haven't been able to post them in timely fashion. Here's the recent roster:

Birthday scarf for Miss B

The Pattern: Scarf for Ally by Julie Theaker

The Needles: US 10s

The Yarn: Filatura di Crossa, Golden Line Superior (Cashmere/Silk)

The Verdict: I love this little lacy scarf and I hope the recipient does too! It was a quick knit and the perfect airy scarf for someone who's living in California.

Silky Scarf for Miss P

The Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty

The Needles: US 3

The Yarn: Fiesta La Luz Multi (silk) in Burnished Red

The Verdict: I had these skeins in the stash for a while and was just waiting for something good to make with pure silk. I had also heard that this pattern was difficult to knit, but I found it an easy, fun knit and I really love the way it turn out. Hopefully the recipient will feel the same way! :) And it will make a great accessory to the basic black wardrobe (yes she's a former co-worker!)

Still more on the needles... pictures to come after they're gifted!


Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh what a night.

I have pictures of knitting, which will be posted soon, but first I have a story.

I was rudely awoken this morning around 4:30 when I quite literally FELL OUT OF BED.

Yes you read that right. I rolled over to find myself crashing to the floor. I also apparently had a death grip on the covers and took them all with me. So hubby woke up to a great big thump and all his covers being ripped off of him.

I'm fine - in fact I'm lucky. Other than being a little sore, I managed not to hit my head on either the nightstand or the huge trunk of yarn next to the bed. My pride? Slightly wounded.

And yes, I laughed about it all day.

You may return to what you were doing now.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Montego Bay

Sometimes when you see a skein of yarn, you just know what it wants to be. That's how it was when I bought this beautiful skein of Pagewood Farm Glacier in the Bird of Paradise Colorway. I'm not normally a green person, but this yarn, with its teal and yellow flashes just HAD to come home with me.

I had just seen my friends PlazaJen and Beth (not the l'il sis) wear their beautiful Montego Bay scarves, and I was hooked on the braided fringe. And how could a tropical sounding yarn not become a scarf named for a tropical island? I love it! (Although I wish I could head to a tropical island about now...)

The Pattern: Montego Bay by Amy Singer

The Needles: US 8's

The Yarn: Pagewood Farm Glacier in Bird of Paradise

The Verdict: This was a pleasure to knit. The pattern was simple, fairly easily memorized and addictive. The fringe makes the scarf and is even worth the time it takes to braid and trim the ends! I love the colors in this scarf and the yarn was a pleasure to knit with!


Friday, May 01, 2009

That's Entertainment!

So I actually have finished not one, but TWO projects this week. The gloomy skies and occasional torrential rain have made photographs impossible, however, so you'll have to content yourself with your imaginations today. Instead I'll write about a few entertaining things I've been into lately.

First off, I'm VERY VERY late to the podcast-listening party, but I have arrived. In the last few weeks I've discovered podcasts with a vengeance. Consequently I've spent most of my days listening to the following podcasts:

1. Cast On by Brenda Dane - The quirky and fun knitting tales of an American living in Wales. This podcast features some of the most interesting tidbits of music I've heard and some wonderful stories of knitting mishaps. All of her podcasts are accessible from her website.

2. Lime n Violet - I wasn't sure what to expect out of this podcast. It's a little less polished than Cast On but I think it might actually be my favorite knitting podcast so far. From listening to the show, and following the show notes and links I've found some great fiber artists! And I love hearing about what the girls are knitting. You can find this podcast on iTunes and subscribe!

3. Stash and Burn - This is the podcast of two girls desperately fighting to conquer and knit from their stashes. I aspire to knit from my stash... I think I could learn a few things listening to them. You can listen to this podcast on the site linked above!

4. Sticks & String by David Reidy - David is an "Australian bloke" who chats about what it's like to be a male knitter in Australia. His charming accent is a boon to his amusing anecdotes and discussions of knitting.

Now I know the ones I listed above were a little knitting centric (who me?). However, I've also found that I can follow my favorite NPR shows on iTunes as well. Never more do I have to miss Car Talk and Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me again.

Finally I've been trying to get back into reading. Currently in progress: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Know it All by A.J. Jacobs, gifted to me by the l'il sis' man this past Christmas. Stay tuned for book reports!

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