Sunday, September 06, 2009

Is it fall yet?

The weather has been strangely chilly around these parts lately and fall is almost in the air! It was, however, sunny yesterday so I was able to get in a few photos!

Accordingly, I've been knitting sweaters. Since May or so, I've managed to finish two sweaters: one more summery and one that I can't wait to wear this fall!

The Pattern: Full Circle

The Yarn: Plymouth Jeanee

The Needles: US 3's

The Verdict: This sweater is designed by a friend of mine and I got to test knit the medium size. It was a simple quick knit - I finished it ages ago and have already worn it several times. It's comfortable and looks great. A really fun knit!

The Pattern: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too

The Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy

The Needles: US 3's

The Verdict: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater. It's comfortable, interesting looking and fits really well. I can't wait to wear it this fall!

Next up: several different lace patterns and more baby garments. Stay tuned!



Blogger Christine said...

Holy Finished Objects, KnitWoman!

Gorgeous. I love the hempathy sweater! The full circle tank is cute too.

10:14 AM  

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