Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the world keeps turning.

Not much to report on the job front lately. I'm in between temp gigs at the moment and enjoying a little home time to catch up on knitting (LOTS and LOTS of commissions) and get myself together. I did have a promising interview this week and round two is set for next week, so wish me luck!

In the mean time I have a little craftiness to share:

The Pattern: Ridged Lace Cowl

The Needles: US 8's (16")

The Yarn: Sheep Shop, Number 3, Silk/Wool

The Verdict: This was a quick knit (less than 48 hours!) and very satisfying. The yarn was wonderful to work with and is quite warm despite the lace. None of the photos quite capture how bright this semi-solid purple is, nor it's subtle shading throughout. It's off to a LYS, but I might just have to make one for me!

During the photo shoot I found this little guy in the peanut gallery:



Blogger PlazaJen said...

the cowl looks awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front!

9:47 PM  
Blogger blue-foot Sue said...

I just chanced upon

No doubt you have seen the cute knitted things they have there [and some that are just plain strange, like knitted toilet paper].

1:25 PM  

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