Thursday, October 09, 2008

When it Rains it Pours.**

I don't seem to be having much luck on the job hunt lately. I had a position that I interviewed for twice, and thought I was going to get, but as it turns out they decided I was overqualified, so they went with the less qualified candidate. I'm still with the temp service and given the economy, and the problem I'm having finding good jobs that fit my qualifications, I think I'm going to be with them a bit longer. Clearly my job juju needs some adjustment.

My knitting mojo, however, seems to be on fire. I'm in the midst of finishing up a few more store samples. I've also got a couple commission projects going. Then this morning, at my reception gig, several women came up asking if I made baby sweaters for order. Apparently the store sample and birthday present I'm making for Miss Melly have attracted quite a bit of attention. Suddenly I have a bunch of commission orders and even some super top secret special knitting work. Could I really be moving towards making my living as a knitter?

Probably not, but I guess I'll enjoy it while I can. I even ordered MOO cards today. My title? Knitting Superstar.

P.S. Please just don't let it pour any time soon. I came out of knit night last night to find an 18 inch crack in my windshield and several chips missing at the point of impact. There goes my new-earned commission income.



Blogger libraryminion said...

Hi There,
I really hope one of those dud interviews wasn't with the Art Institute. I would so enjoy having you as a fellow knitting employee

2:30 PM  
Blogger laura gayle said...

that stinks about the windshield. the sample sweater was gorgeous, btw!

4:09 PM  

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