Monday, September 29, 2008

Seeing Red.

Each year the Orphan Foundation of America puts out a call to knitters during their annual Red Scarf Project. On Valentine's Day, the OFA sends care packages to college-age orphans, individuals who due to their age have left the system, but still have no family to send them care packages. OFA asks knitters to knit unisex red scarves to be included with these package.

At the last meeting of the Sunflower Knitters Guild a group of members decided to contribute. It's been almost a year since I did any charity knitting, and I've missed it. That there is something I can do within a hobby I love for someone else who needs it is rewarding. My goal is to get 3 scarves out the door. I have a feeling I'll have to settle for two. So far I have one.

The Pattern: Drop Stitch Scarf

The Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, Autumn Red

The Needles: US 7's

The Verdict: Warm, snuggly, washable!



Blogger PlazaJen said...

Very nice! Look at you go.

5:06 AM  
Blogger e said...

I love the pattern... is it hard?

*goes to look it up*

10:32 AM  

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