Sunday, October 05, 2008

Got Mead?

One of Wes' hobbies is brewing mead. For those not in the know, mead is honey wine. It starts as warm water and honey and with the addition of yeast, and sometimes flavorings, as well as 3-6 months fermentation or more, it turns into a wonderful wine.

Today was a work day around the house, and Wes mentioned that he had some mead which was ready for bottling. I'd never participated in this event, but I was eager to taste the blueberry mead that has been fermenting in our apartment since we moved in.

We began by setting up the siphon and filtering system and sterilizing the bottles.

After about 20 minutes we had bottles ready for corking.

And at the end, of course we had the most important part: a taste testing.

Sweet. Mellow. Perfect.

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Blogger Lynn said...

Those would make great Christmas gifts. He made the wine, so you make the bottle cozy. The one I use is form Simple Knits by Barbara Albright. I then tie a bow around the neck with ribbon or the yarn I used and hand wine glass charms on it. It makes a great gift and the presentation is also part of the gift.

5:50 AM  
Blogger caseyoconnell said...

Oh, YUM! I've never had mead, but that sounds really delicious.

6:33 PM  

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