Friday, July 18, 2008

Positively HORRIBLE

I don't know if you've heard too much about it, but Dr. Horrible is the new craze that's sweeping the (geek) nation. Dr. Horrible is the latest series from Joss Whedon, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion. They sing, they dance, they do their laundry a lot. So far only two 13-minute episodes have been released on the Internet, but Act III premieres this weekend and I can't wait. The show is utterly and totally bizarre, but completely endearing. I'd suggest you give it a try!



Blogger Lynda the Guppy said...

Love, Love, LOVE Joss & Dr. Horrible. I've been a fan of Joss's since the very first episode of Buffy and my love for him has only grown. And Firefly? *swoon* I don't like Sci-Fi and I don't like Westerns, but this Sci-Fi Western has me so hooked I still grieve every time I think about the end of the series.

I watched the first two acts last night and I laughed till I choked.

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