Friday, July 11, 2008


In the beginning (at least what I term the beginning of my consciousness of the internet - circa 1996) there were only a few ways to "chat" online. I remember my friends in high school talking about AOL Chat Rooms, but we didn't have AOL. Although my dad was an early adopter of technology, I really didn't discover the internet until I went to college.

So in the beginning, I discovered Talk. Then I found ICQ and then AOL Instant Messenger which I still use today. Then I discovered the wide world of html and coded my first web page (Hello World!).

Then I have trouble remembering what came next. All of a sudden I was reading blogs...lots of blogs. Then I had a blog. Then I had multiple blogs. Then I was using an aggregator for all my chat services - first Trillian and then Adium (gotta love the green duck). Then GMail arrived. Then came social networking. I joined MySpace. In grad school we all joined LinkedIn. Recently I joined Facebook. Then yesterday I jumped in whole hog and joined both Twitter and Plurk. (Let's not forget that Flickr, YouTube, and Ravelry happened in there....)

And THEN I needed something to manage all of this crazy content. And I took the recommendation of one of my tech gurus and signed up for Netvibes and spent some time configuring it.

And frankly? I feel oversubscribed. Excused me while I go bury myself in updates.

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Blogger Teri said... is a helpful aggregator you might try

you didn't mention're probably too young for that

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