Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If my socks were an Orbit flavor they'd be Grapemint.

Last night around midnight I finished the first of my Jaywalkers! Aren't they pretty? They are a fairly easy pattern, and fun to knit. I have included by favorite shot, on top, as well as a shot without feet in them (for Blenda of Oz who always responds to my lovely photographs with "AUGH... they have feet in them!" Not this time little lady!)

Today I'm trying to make some headway on other projects on the needles. (I'm home sick, but luckily well enough to knit!) Right now I'm working on finishing a seed stitch and cable knit blanket for my friend's baby due in December. I'm hoping to finish it today since I only have a few skeins left. Other than that I'm watching Cash Cab and How it's Made on Discovery and hoping anxiously to receive my SP 11 package today. My SP so far has been great and she warned me last week that "something yarny this way comes" but as of yet Mr. Postman has been hoarding my gift for himself. Which reminds me... off to check the mail!

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Blogger Jamie said...

cash cab = the best show.

p.s. - did you just reference Orbitz? The most scientific drink ever bottled?

1:47 PM  

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