Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's a thin line between independence and stupidity.

I have, my friends, a dilemma. The new apartment Wes and I are moving into has a brand new fridge in it, and no spare room/garage for me to store the current fridge that I own. So I am selling my fridge. I have tried to sell it at work, and no one has been interested, so this evening I listed it for sale on Craigslist. Here's the dilemma.

I am a single female who lives by myself in a big city. I consider myself independent, and I try not to rely on others unnecessarily. I do, however, recognize that by living in a big city alone I should be aware of the dangers out there, and pay attention to my safety. So the dilemma: if I want to sell the fridge I have to let people come see it, but I'm wary of inviting strangers into my home (even if it won't be my home much longer) to see it.

As a solution, I plan on asking some of my guy friends if they're around and would be willing to happen to be at my apartment when people come to look. But I can't help enjoying that this is the last time I will face this particular dilemma.



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