Saturday, January 05, 2008

A bit of geocaching, sightseeing and barns we have known.

Today dawned bright and sunny, and unseasonably warm here in Kansas. By the time it was almost 50 degrees, Wes and I decided we needed to spend some time outdoors (this is, of course, before it snows again on Monday). So we set out for a little geocaching.

We started out at Wildcat Creek Park, looking for a little walk and a geocache. We spent a lot of time walking down snowy and slushy paths in the warm sunshine and just enjoying the outdoors. After about a third of a mile we reached our destination and found a geocache. We took a little souvenir and left a toy helicopter for other people to find.

Sadly, we couldn't do our second intended cache because we had to cross the creek and it was just a bit too full of melting snow and icy water. So we headed out to Rocky Ford to check out a virtual cache and the ford itself. This area was once used by the pioneers and the ford operated a grist (flour) mill. Now the ford's power is harnessed by the Rocky Ford Power company and serves as an area for local fishermen.

Finally, I'm adding here a little collage of abandoned barns, structures and sights we've seen this season either driving back and forth to Virginia or out on our caching trip today. All photos were taken by Wes or myself. Enjoy!

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