Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I finally got my pictures downloaded to Wes' laptop so that I could post a few Christmas pictures, and a couple other posts covering what we've been up to these days.

Christmas morning didn't dawn as early as I thought it might, but the kids were excited and Santa brought them quite the haul. My nephew got a brand new bike - his first with training wheels! It took him a bit of getting used to the pedals but soon he was trolling around the cul-de-sac!

After all the presents were open, it was time to get ready to eat. While the food was being cooked, Uncle Wes got quite the workout.

Of course, two days after Christmas we did the final gift - a photo session for everyone. We all dressed up, headed over to the portrait studios and a little while later we were done!

Then someone delighted us with "reading" Sponge Bob stories all the way home.



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