Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A very Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from Virginia Beach! I'm here with Wes and his family celebrating the holidays with my niece and nephew. Christmas day was overwhelming to say the least. I got some fun gifs - knitting books, a guitar, a peacoat, a rockin' GPS, a digital picture frame and a few other things. The kids are awash in toys and clothes and loving it. Today was rainy and windy but we ventured outside to pick up a few things. Tonight I taught my niece and sister-in-law the basics of knitting, and they're tearing away on the needles. I'm most of the way through a sweater I started right before the trip, and I've started another wrap for a friend. There's been lots of knitting time since we drove here from Kansas and have a long ride home, not to mention TV and fireplace time here.

Tomorrow we're doing family pictures as a final holiday gift, and then Friday morning Wes and I will head back to Kansas to celebrate New Year's and find a place to live. I'm loving being on the vacation even if the snow and ice storms leaving me longing for California.

I hope y'all are having happy holidays with you and yours! I'll be adding some pictures soon.



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