Friday, June 13, 2008

"I'm thinking Hancock was doing shit around there"

So apparently the past few days the US has been natural disaster central.

* Light was evacuated from her home in the midst of the Santa Cruz wildfires. Luckily her home is safe, but she still can't get back into it and has no water or power.

* Tornadoes hit Manhattan, Kansas a few days ago. The storms were strong enough to throw a car into the engineering building at K-State and (in a somewhat ironic twist) to completely erode the building that houses the nuclear reactor (not to fear, the nuclear reactor itself is underground and unharmed!).

So far we've been lucky enough to evade the flooding in many areas of the Midwest, and even the hail damage that has plagued some parts of KC.

Dear Mr. Weatherman:

We've had enough weather for now.

the little devil



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