Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Wrapup.

Well I had hoped to have more than one finished object for this evening, but alas I worked all day and played all night so I didn't quite make it. I did finished the Cabled Blanket this weekend though. Thanks to all who chimed in on the border - I decided to go with a magenta and a few rows of single crochet. The finished product is below.

Other highlights of the weekend included a wonderful Saturday night with my sweetie, discovering the series Bones (thanks Netflix!), working at the yarn store, and seeing Across the Universe tonight. It was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who has even a passing interest in the 70's and the Beatles. I have never really connected with 70's movies or the Beatles music before but this was a great musical revue with outstanding performances and a really sweet story.

TomorrowEEEK TODAY is back to work, although I start 50% for a new department so I've got lots to read and learn.

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Blogger ndef said...

1. Re: Bones. Welcome to the club, I'll have somebody print you up a parking pass. SUCH A GOOD SHOW. :-)

2. Isn't it the 60's?

1:26 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I like the blanket. That border looks perfect.

11:50 PM  

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