Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Naughty YP.COM. No cookie for you.

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I thought I had seen it when it came to scams.

I've seen all the "sign here for your free gift and 12 more will come monthly" offer.

I've seen the "give us your credit card and we'll bill you weekly/monthly for the rest of your life or until your credit card runs out and we'll then track you down and threaten you."

I've even dealt with the State Claims Service and all those companies that extract money from you to get what is YOURS (which you can do for free).

So tonight I found a new one. I received an envelope today that looked suspiciously like a check. Since I have been participating in a lot of paid surveys, I figured it was one of those. Instead it was a $3.25 check from YP.COM. It was just a check, and a receipt, made out to me. I was skeptical.

When I flipped the check over I noticed the 2 inch disclaimer in the endorsement section. By endorsing a check made out to you, and depositing it, you agree to pay $27.50 PER MONTH for listing your business on YP.COM. No phone number to call with questions, no nothing. Just a check and some fine print.

Thanks but no thanks. And remind me to badmouth disparage you to warn my friends. Oh wait... I just did.


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