Saturday, July 15, 2006


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An open letter to the City of Los Angeles:

I heart you LA. I have always been a fan, you being the city of my birth and where I feel most at home. So I have to say I'm very disappointed with your current behavior.

WTF is up with your weather lately? Do you think you have become the best of the Midwest? I enjoy life here in LA, on the left coast, where it is always room temperature and sunny, and we have no need for clothing that feels like furniture. But this week you have unleashed your caliente wrath on us with temperatures of 95-115 (95 at the beach!!) and we Los Angelinos are not equipped to deal. Our lovely Spanish haciendas, normally so cool they do not need central air, are sweltering. Our fans are going, we're on watch for blackouts (gotta love California power) and so we sit and sweat...and sweat some more.

And my lovely Gerberas, they are wilting in your harsh glare, rather than basking in your sunshine of love. Los Angeles, for heaven's sakes, CHILL OUT.

Uncomfortably sweaty,
the little devil

PS I hope you enjoy my photoshop tricks to create the eye popping wonder to the right. I LOVE photographing flowers.


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