Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Since I started blogging 3 years ago I have been interested in potentially making my blog a source of some income. It's not that I want to quit my day job (well I guess I do... doesn't everyone?), but it would be nice to earn a little something from something I find enjoyable. I read many blogs (Dooce as one example) that manage to earn some income, and still not feel like I'm only reading marketing content.

Recently I was checking out opportunities and stumbled upon PayPerPost.Com. This innovative company has developed a forum where advertising companies can go and post opportunities. As a blogger, you select something that interests you, review it and get paid for your opinion.

Now I'm pretty skeptical about these things, so I've been checking the company out a little bit. Aside from the ethical debate on whether or not people should be paid for reviews or posting, I haven't found too many negative things about the company. More so, I am impressed that they choose to have a Code of Ethics that asks readers to express their reviews honestly, and fully disclose their association with the company.

So far I have found the site easy to use, and friendly to newcomers. PayPerPost.com is still relatively new but it seems to be functioning well. I don't know how many opportunities I will avail myself of, but if the right ones come along, I'm interested to participate!

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