Monday, August 13, 2007

Just cruisin' and knittin'

Well before I recap all of our cruise fun, I thought I'd get the important post out there: the one with knitting content. Sadly my knitting appetite was bigger than I was actually able to meet on this trip. That is, I lugged a lot of yarn with me and didn't get to half the projects I wanted to. Despite some good knitting time in the lounge (with drinks!) each evening, I didn't get too much done.

I did finish socks that I started eons ago and they are lovely. They are a cabled pattern from Knitty, knitted up on little 0's with Lorna's Laces in the Vera colorway. I have to say I'm a little sad about these socks. The 0's were sort of impossible to contend with, and my first set of bamboo needles were like toothpicks. One snapped as I was finishing off the first sock. Reluctantly, I bought another set, this time the Addi's 0 metal needles. These were nice to knit with, but they're so darn LITTLE. I'm definitely looking forward to larger needles next time. I'm also a bit disappointed with the pattern. I think given the variegated colorway and the small stitching, the cables just don't show up that well. Next time I'd use a solid color for better results. But they are still pretty and they're all mine!

Second, I started on a Clapotis. I'm using Regia in a berry colorway and the bamboo is knitting up beautifully. As soon as I was able to decipher the pattern I've been loving it and the progress is fun. It even matches the decor of the ship! It was a fun knit and one that I'll keep working on now that I'm home.

Of course now that I'm home I have a million more things I want to knit - Jaywalkers, a crocheted dress, the flames bag for the shop, a lace shawl for my wedding.... And I got my invite to Ravelry! So much fun in store... DANGER Will Robinson. Knitting and notions approaching!

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