Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Fixtures of my Life

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I had planned a more serious post for this evening on the current events in the middle east and how hopeless I feel about the whole situation, but I guess I will leave that for another time.

So instead I give you: my fixtures.

1. Jay Leno at 11:35pm. His monologue is a nightly ablution for me. The only time I skip is if it's a repeat I've seen. Boooo.....

2. Knitting. There's always something going on. This is a lacy throw for a couple getting married next weekend. Luckily I'm only invited to the reception which is later this fall - otherwise there's no way I'd be done in time.

3. Boxes. These are temporary in nature, but are everywhere, stacked on everything. And you want to talk about feeling hopeless - I've been packing for several days and I've barely made a dent.

4. The fan. I may have bemoaned my lack of AC in the last few weeks, but it bears repeating. This fan and that open window are my only salvation during this beastly summer. I'm looking forward to losing this third floor, western exposed hideaway. No... really.

Please notice my other fixtures: cable and dvd (for Netflix!) and my shredder which keeps me entertained for hours.

Ok, time for bed. Nite all!


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