Saturday, July 22, 2006

This is it. This is it. Look what you did.

Me 'n the Bowl
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Last night was a BLAST! Tom Jones was as crazy as can be and put on an amazing show. Pete Escovedo and his band (including his entire family and his daughter Sheila E who is our new hero) started off the show and had us grooving to Latin tunes. Then Tom Jones came out and dazzled us with old songs (She's a Lady, It's not Unusual, What's up Pussycat?, Delilah) and new.

Interesting funny things that happened last night:

My coworker Miss J leaned over in the middle of the Pete Escovedo set and said "Is that a midget on the congas?" I almost snarfed my diet coke.

My coworker Miss D revealed that when her 14 year old Chihuahua Daisy dies, she wants to have her stuffed and keep her for all time. This is going to result in endless fodder for years to come. I, for one, will be gifting Miss D a jumbo bag of stuffing for her birthday next year.

Another colleague, who I may in fact be working for shortly, told me to be sure to keep my panties on for Tom Jones. I, being young and naive, had no idea what he meant. People threw their panties at Mr. Jones all night long.

Speaking of undergarments, the Bowl was basically a breast exposition last night. Ta-tas hanging out everywhere. Our sole male companion was amused that us girls kept a running commentary on it.

Tom Jones is not American. He's an amazingly red-blooded Welshman. He kept saying he needed a spot of water to wet his whistle and things were lovely. His voice was amazing.

Miss J kept leaning over to me with each new song and song style and remarked more than once, "This is like going to the circus, you never know what's going to be going on in the next ring!"

The drunk man on the bus kept asking us where we worked. When we answered "USC" he kept saying "My wife works at UCLA too." Amazingly enough, this got old after the 1st time.


Blogger Tony said...

On Saturday night the underwear throwing didn't begin until the last 15 minutes of the show...sounds like the Friday crowd was much more fun

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