Friday, July 21, 2006

Tom Jones Baby!

Tom Jones Baby!
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It's Friday and the hallowed halls of the Institute are echoing the strains of "The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. And what's more Tom Jones is at the Bowl tonight and I'm going!

Yes I know you're jealous for my nostalgic 80's trip but all I have to say to that is it's not unusual to be loved by anyone.... Ok, that was bad.

Anyway it's Friday, the dawn of a new weekend, and I have to say I'm glad. What with school, social engagements and packing I haven't TOUCHED my knitting since Monday. I'm hoping to make this weekend big on cleaning, packing and knitting.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Friday. And just remember... she's a lady!

PS The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack courtesy of some interns we have who are preparing their end of summer slideshow....


Blogger Tony said...

I went Saturday night- It was GREAT! Even though it was 98 degree's when we got there...argh

1:28 PM  

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