Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ostrich vs. Peacock

Ostrich Plume Knitting
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I decided to do a little lacework for my next project (you know me... apparently a new project and a challenging knitting pattern is a good idea!)

Anyhow, this pattern is called the "Ostrich Plume," but as you can see, I think it looks more like a Peacock pattern. Of course neither Ostrich nor Peacock is as fun to say as EMU.


So I started this last night and after a number of tries knitting and frogging (first the wrong yarn, then the wrong number of stitches, then I screwed up the pattern!) I finally got this working. It's hard to tell in the picture but the yarn is a pale shade of lavendar with a shiny white satin ribbon spun with it. I really like how it's turning out and we'll hope my co-worker (the birthday girl and recipient) feels the same way!

Ok I'm off to shower and recover from this evening's festivities which involved some very drunk executives, one of whom danced on a table and took off his shirt. Funny what a little (LOT) alcohol will do.


Blogger blue-foot Sue said...

our preference for "emu"
This seems to have something to do with English-speakers' fondness for words that end in the [u] sound. A somewhat rare phenomenon when it is spelled with "u" (e.g. Malibu, Timbuktu) but much more common when spelled with other letters. (Kalamazoo, through, Pepe Le Pew, two, hue, shoe).
--blue-foot sue (!)

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