Sunday, June 25, 2006

Field Day 2006 and Acronym Soup

J & L Field Day 2004
Originally uploaded by littledevilworks.
Time on Air: 2 hours, 15 minutes
QSOs: 160+
QRM: Way too much.
YLs: A few, but not enough.

Every year since I was 12, I have been meeting up with my dad and the local amateur radio club to celebrate Field Day.

Basically this means a bunch of amateur radio operators get together and set up a couple of stations on generator power and run them for 24 hours straight. This is a drill in case of a natural disaster, but the governing association (ARRL) has turned Field Day into a big contest where the more people you talk to the more points you get.

At 12, one of the world's foremost operators took me under his wing. He spent hours with me teaching me the best operating procedures and how to make a killing in numbers of contacts. Sadly he passed away a few years later, but I still have a love for this event.

So I got up early this morning, brought my dad breakfast (he seems to get stuck on the midnight to 7am shift each year) and sat down at the radio to talk a little. Stats up above.

(P.S. This photo is from 2004, but basically shows the essence of Field Day. That's me in the driver's seat and Daddy Devil Works beside me logging my contacts.)


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