Sunday, February 24, 2008

"I can't sleep. These sheets are too ugly."

This weekend Wes and I headed back down to my in-laws to finish the first of our forays into building furniture together. It was a long weekend (although he graciously let me sleep in this morning) and yesterday was full of sanding. I do believe I sneezed an entire tree out my nose last night, despite wearing a mask for most of the heavy duty power sanding. However, I just can't complain. Here is a sneak preview of our beautiful new furniture:

The furniture is still in progress. It is half glued and drying here. We were stymied by a tragic wood glue shortage, and some jimmying that is needed so the pieces fall into place appropriately (something about glue and a lot of little dowels). Despite that, I love the red stained shelving contrasted with the pale natural pine. I love that it's a perfect mix of my light wood preference, and his dark marbled wood preference. And I love that it's the first piece that we built together. (He gets all the credit for design and instruction, but I helped!)

In other news, with a abundance of knitting time (between coats of stain and polyurethane) I managed to finish the Nutkin socks which have been on my needles for a couple months. Here they are on my very own homemade wooden sock blockers.

The Pattern: Nutkin. I thought this pattern had an interesting look to it, and that it might look neat in the green - little did I know that it would almost look leafy!

The Yarn: Koigu KPPM in a color I like to call jade. I stared at this Koigu for months, and finally gave in and took it home with me. I love the depths of the green (you probably can't see the light and dark parts in the sock, but it's just beautiful!)

The Needles: My trusty Addi 2's, Magic Loop Style



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