Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Knitting nightmare.

I stopped by the LYS yesterday because I was in the middle of a knitting emergency. I am working on a pair of gloves on commission, and despite the fact that I actually SWATCHED for it, I seem to be in deep gauge doodoo (read: it looks a bit more like a leg warmer than a glove). While I was there on my lunch hour, one of the other employees was wearing a gorgeous sweater. Since I'm moving to frigid environs, I'm seriously on the lookout for good warm sweaters to knit. I immediately started thinking about what kind of yarn I'm going to use and what colors I want.

Which is why I then went home last night and dreamed that the LYS was completely, 100% totally sold-out of Malabrigo and never getting any more. *sigh* It was a nightmare of epic proportions.



Blogger Crafty Carolyn said...

I told Bill there is such a thing as a knitting emergency! He doesn't believe me.

7:34 AM  

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