Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Is it hump day yet?

You may have noticed my silence (as opposed to when I just fill all your readers with endless posts). I'm surviving, but barely. I've almost quit too many times to count... let's hope Friday speeds up.

Alright - the good news now. It's not really mine, but I'm sharing anyway.

I'm and AUNTIE! Yup I'm Auntie Fluffy. Light had her baby last Thursday and she's absolutely adorable. Grandma sent me a picture last night and I talked to Light yesterday as well. Mom and baby are home and enjoying each other (dad too!) and supposedly I'm getting a pic of the little darling in my knits. I can't wait!

Second, Wes got a job offer this morning! I knew all along he'd get one from this company, but I'm so proud of him. He's got a few more interviews this week and then we'll discuss and decide over Thanksgiving. We're getting closer and closer to knowing where we'll be and I'm so glad and excited (and nervous!)

That's the news from here. If I don't surface by Friday send in the rescue operation.

Picture borrowed from here.



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