Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the star makes 12 14.

In another bout of finishitis, I put the last few rows on this star this weekend. I love this blanket, and love that I got to use yarns in it from my grandmother and my mother-in-law to be (yes she's de-stashing to me too!). The fact that the points look a little wavy is actually an accident a design element - I seem to have miscounted a little, but I like how it makes the star a little swirly.

This blanket also brings my year of charity blankets to a close. Apparently, I have a problem counting however. No one mentioned anything, but I appear to have gone beyond my goal of a blanket a month... there are FOURTEEN blankets in my Flickr photos. (that's what you get when you have two #3's and two #11's) I played a little bit with Flickr collage to get the picture below. I hope these 14 blankets find their way into homes and provide warmth and comfort to 14 little babes.

1. Charity Blanket #1, 2. Charity Blanket #2, 3. Charity Blanket #3, 4. "The Blues" - Charity Blanket #3, 5. Peppermint Charity Blanket #4, 6. Stitch Detail - Psychedelic Granny Square, 7. It's not easy being green., 8. Charity #9 - Charlie Brown, 9. Charity #8: Crazy Ripples, 10. Charity Blanket #7 - The Mighty Miter, 11. Charity Blanket #11 - Started July 4th!, 12. Charity Blanket #10 - Log Cabin, 13. Charity Blanket #11 - Starry Starry Night, 14. Charity Blanket #12 - Star!
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Now I just have to figure out what charity to knit for next!



Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Stitches from the Heart is always looking for donations. They would love your blankets!

They have a store, located in Santa Monica

8:10 AM  

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