Thursday, June 07, 2007

Weird Wacky Things That Have Happened to Me Today

1. I had a dentist appointment this morning. My regular dentist was otherwise occupied so I saw the new dentist. It turns out I went to junior high with her a million years ago. We used to eat lunch and go to the mall together. Now she has her DDS and her hands in my mouth.

2. Recently, I have been making new friends at work. One is a sweet Australian postdoc who's here for a couple years doing research. This afternoon she IM'd me from the conference she's at, a little panicked because she was just asked to give a presentation on Australia this evening. That's kind of like asking an American to give a presentation on the whole United States on the spot, discussing geographical regions and differences between those regions. But I had something to help her - the presentation I did on Australia in grad school a few semesters back. Yes that's right, I sent the Australian my PowerPoint presentation on Australia so she could use it. HAH!

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