Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Top 5

This afternoon at lunch was a little reminiscent of a Friends episode. Somehow the conversation turned to which actors would be on our Top 5 list. Responses were pretty typical, but it's always interesting to see who your friends would pick.

When I got back from lunch, I related the conversation to Wes who turned the tables on me. So here it is, my top 5.

1. William H. Macy - I know he's not quite in my age range, and he's married to Felicity Huffman, but I love him as an actor, and have watched almost everything he's done. My favorites include Fargo and The Cooler.

2. Ewan McGregor - I admit that I wasn't totally sold when I watched Trainspotting, but by the time I got to Moulin Rouge I was hooked. He is not only a hottie but he can sing!!

3. Colin Firth - I don't know when I first became aware of Colin Firth, but he always plays some yummy Englishman. Notable favorites include Pride & Prejudice, Bridget Jones Diary, Love Actually, and Girl with the Pearl Earring.

The Girls:

I don't always fill my Top 5 list. Getting married to Wes makes me dream of meeting celebrities less... However, the discussion in group settings always turns to that question of who of your own sex would you put on your list. So if I have to pick women my choices are

1. Angelina Jolie - I don't care about her adoptions, about her weird relationships with her family, about the vial of Billy Bob's blood. I've always thought she was hot. And if I had to pick a woman to experiment with, she'd be at the top of my list.

2. Kate Beckinsale - Van Helsing might have been a horrible movie, but Kate looked HOT HOT HOT. She's the one other woman I would think about experimenting with. You know... if she just happened to walk into my world and want to kiss a little.

So that's me. How about you?



Blogger Chris said...

Oh Kate. Yes, you and I agree on that. It was a terrible movie but who cares? ;-)

10:39 AM  

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