Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I came across this gem today: Sein of the Times. The creator, Eric Snider, is pure genius. He creates dialogue to address technological advances that weren't part of the Seinfeld Schtick because of it's 1998 finale.

An excerpt: Seinfeld on Blogging

JERRY: You got a new job? Why didn't you tell us?

ELAINE: I posted it in my blog.

JERRY: Your blog?

ELAINE: Yeah, my blog.

JERRY: You have a blog?

ELAINE: What, you don't read my blog?

JERRY: Why would I read your blog? I see you every day. What are you going to say in your blog that I don't already know?

ELAINE: Well, that I got a new job, for one thing.

JERRY: So that's what it's come to? We don't have to talk anymore, because I can just read your blog to see what's new?

ELAINE: Pretty much.

Check out the rest!

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