Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I spy a Lavendar Bunny Pie!

Lavendar Bunny
Originally uploaded by littledevilworks.
This week, despite having oodles to unpack and clean, I have broken my knitting rules (big projects like blankets to be worked on at home, small projects like socks and bunnies to be worked on when away from home) and started another bunny.

I'm pleased to say that I'm honing my technique here, and it seems to be coming together faster than my first one. This is going to be a the innaugural item I post for sale at Etsy. I'll post a link to my store and a finished pic soon!


Blogger Surreal Weasel said...

Mmmmmmmm. Bunny pie. Bunny stew. Bunny kabobs.

7:30 AM  

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