Friday, August 11, 2006

Just clowning around.

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Extra points if you caption this.

The real caption reads:

Lars Lottrup stands with only his leg protruding from a balloon Thursday Aug. 10, 2006 at the International Clown Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. Clowns from a number of countries around the world have convened in Denmark for the festival.

More investigation yields:

Clown festival kicks off in Copenhagen, but who's laughing?

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Oversized shoes, white face paint and a red nose just don't cut it anymore.

Clowns gathering for an international festival in Denmark are turning to advanced tricks - like getting sucked into a giant balloon - to elicit laughs at a time when slapstick clownery is losing its appeal.

Dozens of clowns from Europe and beyond will show off their latest comedy acts at the International Clown Festival, held for the 11th year at the Bakken amusement north of Copenhagen.

The festival was founded by Danish clown Benny Schumann - grandson of Charlie Rivel, a legend among circus clowns.

"Some clowns still use acts from 100 years ago, but some clowns today have simplified the concept, hardly dressing up," said Schumann, 61. "The main point is creating a character who is funny."

Schumann's own act will be a tribute to composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and will include a classic act of juggling plates.

Other participants include the Jashgawronsky Brothers, posing as Armenians wearing fake beards and large eyewear as they make music from garden tools, and Acrobatic duo Okidok2 of Belgium.

Spain's Marta Sanchez Sevilla plays a trouble-prone opera singer who finds all sorts of peculiar objects in her bra. She believes good visuals are the key to being funny.

One of the main attractions will be Dane Lars Lottrup, whose trademark act is getting his head sucked into a giant balloon.

The clown festival starts Thursday in Copenhagen and lasts for 10 days. Two honorary awards will be handed out: "The World Artist and Clown Award" and "The Golden Nose."


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