Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pinch me, I'm brilliant.

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Ok that was a bad combination of "Pinch me I must be dreaming" and "Kiss me I'm Irish" with a smattering of brilliant inspiration.

So I'm on my way home tonight ranting and raving about my evening classes (tonight's was not to be believed.... more on that later). Basically I'm bitching that a "Doing Business in Another Country Report" is basically what I did as an undergrad when I took a few grad courses my senior year. And then it hits me.

I took Grad Courses. My senior year of undergrad. This whole time I have been sitting on 6 units of credit that could potentially be transferred as electives to my current master's program. And I could graduate....wait for it.......... EARLY?!?!?

So as an exercise in futility I have emailed the program director to find out if this is even feasible. I fully expect to be told no for one of the following reasons:

* The University is evil and wants as much in the way of tuition dollars as it can get out of me.

* There is a magical time limit on credits and mine have expired. (please note: whenever I might have tried to transfer them, they would have been expired).

* I have to produce a syllabus and some work from each of the classes I want to transfer. This could be hard considering it was 1998 and I think I threw most of my undergraduate career away when I was evicted from my childhood home's closet.


Stay tuned for my next flash of brilliance... I expect it within the next millenium.


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