Monday, July 10, 2006

The Keystone West Virginia Cops

Keystone Cops
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Police chase West Virginia suspect over the edge

PRINCETON, W.Va. - This police chase ended with a cliffhanger. A 30-year-old man fell 50 to 70 feet over a cliff near the West Virginia Turnpike while fleeing on foot from police Thursday. A police officer pursuing the man couldn't stop and tumbled after him, while a second officer jumped off the cliff to help his colleague and landed in a tree.

The suspect, who was not identified, rolled another 100 feet before stopping and suffered serious injuries, acting Princeton Police Chief W.L. Harman said. Sgt. W.E. Rose, whose fall was stopped by a tree, suffered some scratches and bruises while Sgt. C.T. Lowe, who jumped off the cliff, was not injured.

The chase began around 1 a.m. in Princeton when Rose saw a man whom authorities wanted to talk to get into the passenger side of a vehicle. The driver sped off when the officers' cruiser pulled up and the passenger jumped out.

"Everybody is real lucky that the injuries aren't worse than they are," Harman said.


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