Saturday, July 08, 2006

TGIF - Even though it's Saturday.

Day 4
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Well I already feel a productive burst hitting this weekend and it's only 12:30am on Saturday. I've spent most of the week knitting on the beauty to the right. That bunchy middle is ticking me off... I'm working up the courage to cut it out and fill it in with DPNs so that I can continue with what I'm doing.

Please note the toes in the pic. With flowers. So chic. And yet so pathetic that I can't take a picture of the floor without getting my toes in it. And shame on iPhoto for not "seeing" my camera tonight so I can crop it without having to open Photoshop. Augh the effort.

Where was I? Oh yes.... productivity. I'm starting to get into that "must pack, must throw away anything possible, must shred anything remotely connected to me, must give away anything in good condition, must sell anything that might be Ebay-able". Yes it's a hectic mood. But I cleaned out three desk drawers tonight and am ready to pack/consolidate them. Here's to a few more drawers tomorrow. Also the kitchen. Must tackle the dishes. Oh yes, and the trash. And homework.

Thank goodness there's a movie date and knitting in there somewhere.

Happy Saturday!


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