Sunday, March 01, 2009


Sometimes I can hardly believe how fast or slow time passes.

For instance, this past week, work has lasted an eternity at the store. Without sales going on, we've had very few people in the store. Each 8-hour shift has been interminable; wandering, searching for customers, straightening the shelves, and waiting. I HATE being unproductive and just standing and waiting.

Then I think about the last year of life. The fact that it seems like I just turned 30 and that here it is early March only a few months from my 31st birthday. I think of this weekend, the first full weekend I have spent with Wes in a long time. I managed to read not one, but TWO books and we went on a real date - dinner, shopping and lots of laughter.

I've been knitting too.... since I last posted I have finished a beautiful grey alpaca sweater that I started around Thanksgiving and finished this past week. I have also whipped together a tank top. Clearly I'm anticipating summer even though it snowed almost 4 inches this weekend.

And life is looking a little more hopeful. I had a phone interview this past Friday for one job, and I have an in-person interview this Thursday morning for a job that I think I'd really like.

Stay tuned for more news and pictures of our growing vegetable garden, more knitting on the needles, and hopefully new career news!



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