Friday, February 13, 2009

The Daily DOH

Random thoughts for the week:

  • Apparently there's a Valentine's day dance at a few local schools. Ask me how I know?!?! Well the 12 women standing in dress shirts and ties screaming into their cell phones "what color is her dress again?"
  • Today I learned about knives and crystal. Yup the Henckels rep and the Waterford rep came to the store. I learned more than I ever knew about both. Now I just have a lust for fine things. DOH!
  • And the final Daily DOH: Apparently when trying to transfer money into my mother-in-law's account I inverted the "From" and "To" categories and managed to transfer money FROM her account into mine. Don't ask why they let me do that with an account that is OUTSIDE my bank and NOT IN MY NAME.



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