Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

* My sister and her boyfriend, my parents, Wes and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed mass quantities of turkey, pumpkin and chocolate.

* Wes & I watched You Kill Me starring Ben Kingsley. It was excellent. Totally wacky, totally odd and totally enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it. (The Puffy Chair, however, is the first DVD I have actually turned off and returned mostly unwatched. Don't do it. I warned you.)

* Food food food and friends! We had several great meals with my parents, and a fun lunch with my sister's best friend and my former roomie and her boyfriend.

* Wes & I rented and watched Rome: Season II (that's in Roman numerals for those of you who care....). Ten episodes in one week was a commitment, but we weren't sorry. It was just as good as the first season and left us both hoping for a season 3 - unlikely, but we can hope!

* The knitting. I had a little mishap with some gloves so I focused my energies on the Southwest Trading Company's Soysilk Man's Golf Shirt for the store. I finished it late tonight and can't wait to take it in. My only complaint is that the pattern lies - it asked for 9 balls of green and 4 of navy and somehow I had 4 of the green leftover. Now I'm no mathematician, but the sweater is whole and wearable and I can't figure out where 4 more balls would go.

* The first boxes have been packed. Let the moving begin. *groan*

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Blogger Crafty Carolyn said...

That shirt looks great, I'm going to go look for the pattern. I'm sad you're moving, but I'm glad you'll finally be with Wes all the time.

3:49 PM  

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