Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When it's good to be young.

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The text that follows is excerpted from a letter that the Li'l Sis wrote. Funny doesn't just run, it gallops, in my family.

An open letter to AARP:

Thank you for your recent invitation to join AARP. This is the second such invitation I have received. I understand that the rights and privileges bestowed upon AARP members are reserved for citizens over 50 years of age.

It is said (and I have found in my personal experience) that each passing year seems to go by faster than the year that preceded it. I have heard many seniors comment that they feel as if they were still in their twenties. When my parents first received their invitation to join AARP, I think they were surprised to find themselves of age to qualify.

My parents’ surprise at that time was nothing to my shock now. I freely acknowledge that the years will pass quickly, but upon receipt of your letter I am afraid I may have missed a full 25 years altogether. Although your letter states that I am “fully eligible” to join your organization, by my calculations I am only halfway down the road towards a membership. I was born on March of 1981. I am 25 years old.

I would entreat you now to postpone your next invitation to me until the year 2031, at which time I will be delighted to enjoy the benefits of membership in AARP. Given how quickly time flies, I am sure that invitation will reach me sooner than I anticipate.

Until then, and with warm regards,
the Li'l Sis


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