Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh what a dork am I.

According to the Toulmin Model(TM):

CLAIM: Oh what a dork am I.

DATA: (chonological or alphabetical?)

1. I enjoy Statistics so much I've been the TA for 4 straight semesters. (and somehow have 50 papers to grade by weekend.. hmmm)

2. The following conversation:

Me: Why is it that grad students don't turn in their homework?
Coworker: People are lazy.
Me: Of course I was the one who always did all of the homework.
Coworker: Because you wanted to pass?
Me: No, I was the one everyone wanted to kill. I was always the one to say, "Teacher teacher, you didn't collect the homework!" Sad but true.
Coworker: I was trained out of that rather rapidly.
Me: Well yes. You only do that a few times until someone beats it out of you. Literally or figuratively.

3. I take amused pleasure in this: And yes it's safe for your work browsers!

WARRANT: Displaying these tendencies makes me a dork.

Q.E.D. (and thank you for playing)


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