Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Train of Thought Derailed

Derailed Train
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I had so much trouble getting to sleep last night. Let's see if you can guess why...

Hmmm it's warm in here.
Did I open the window?
Did I lock the door?
Wes always wants me to lock the door just in case.
Did I set the alarm?
Have to go to the ATM tomorrow morning.
Where are we going for lunch tomorrow?
I need a graduation card/gift.
I think I need to get more gas in the car.
Am I going home to see the parents this weekend?
Wedding Dress.
Want to go wedding dress shopping.
Aw, Wes is such a sweetie.
I got really lucky with him.
He'll be here soon.
Right after finals.
Shit I need to start studying.
Where's my binder of stuff?
Have to remember to download the photos tomorrow.
Don't forget to return the videos.
Argh. Too much work to do tomorrow.
Good thing it pays the rent.
Oh lord, tomorrow is May 2 and I have to pay rent.
What was it they said about extra fees?
Was that for next month?
Woohoo I can't wait till later this month when Wes gets here.
Uhoh I need to get the camping gear ready.
Hmm that's going to be a decent drive.
I'd better get the car serviced.
Do I have a free Saturday?
Hmmm I need to get my nails done this weekend.
Wow it's only Monday and I'm really tired.
Dammit why can't I sleep?


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