Monday, February 27, 2006

A life in the day of me.

*** Yes it was really THAT long.

  • 6:17am - Wake up. Roll over, look at alarm clock.
  • 7:23am - Wake up. Roll over, look at alarm clock.
  • 8:19am - Wake up to phone. Fabulous fiance with wake up call.
  • 8:44am - Wake up, curse dozing. Throw on clothes.
  • 8:59am - Leave house. Remember postal package slip - Check. Remember keys - Check. Forget Jacket - Disastrous. Keep reading.
  • 9:07am - Decide against going naked in Singapore. Skip post office in favor of dry cleaners.
  • 9:31am - Try to look nonchalant while wandering through market with 3 - 7lb bags of ice and 5 cases of soda.
  • 9:46am - Run around building to find cart to transport soda to 6th floor. Nary a brawny soul in sight.
  • 9:54am - Check email. Remember forgetting to register for summer classes.
  • 9:57am - Realize registration system is down. IM with workmates who are also classmates to find out what to do. Bypass crappy B-school registration in favor of University Registration. No email from B-school office re: registration or lack there of.
  • 10:33am - Still no response to email or phone calls from B-school office.
  • 11:01am - Diet Coke and Oatmeal, Breakfast of Champions.
  • 11:29am - Load Big Bad Red Bucket full of ice and sodas. Pay pizza boy ungodly amount to feed entire building.
  • 12:02pm - Pizza vanishes in flurry of persons and napkins.
  • 12:15pm - Get to email, phone messages, real work.
  • 1:13pm - Still no word from Business School Office. Write nasty email to program admin and cc: Dean. Encourage classmates to do the same.
  • 1:17pm - Realize that although the registration system is f'ed, the billing system is not as tuition has already posted to student account. Holy smackers Batman.
  • 1:36pm - Finally some real work.
  • 3:00pm - Exhausted already. Halfway mark in day.
  • 3:45pm - Sink into wide-eyed stupor staring at Spider Solitaire while listening to tunes.
  • 3:53pm - Loving fiance reports that it is 70 degrees in Kansas today. Look out of conference room window (being window "have not") to see literal cats and dogs falling out of sky. Wet wet wet.
  • 4:34pm - Empty Big Bad Red Bucket. Freeze fingers off, unable to type.
  • 5:00pm - Decide to leave work early because of rain and traffic to downtown.
  • 5:16pm - Actually leave not very early to downtown.
  • 5:47pm - Reach school faster than thought. Trek through Lake USC, arrived half soaked to class. (Remember forgotten jacket? Luckily, car umbrella helps.) (Give thought to proposing Flood Crossing as Winter Event to Olympic Committee. Decide Jesus and Moses have gold hands down.) (Enough with the dumb parentheses.)
  • 6:31pm - Professor decides we will have 2 breaks tonight. Launches into speech regarding modeling something-or-other. Start looking at Knitting Olympics Participants Page to see other knitters' finished project. Start to feel thirsty.
  • 7:42pm - Look at clock. Wonder why professor can't offer break promised for 7:30. Feel thirstier but ignore soda in purse. Soda Can + Klutz + Computer Lab = Bad Idea. (Save day keyboard got thirsty for iced tea story for later).
  • 8:22pm - Finish viewing A's and B's on Knitting Olympics page.
  • 8:55pm - Look at clock. Wonder why professor can't offer break promised for 8:30. Thirstier.
  • 9:30pm - Professor begins discussing midterm. So parched. Might drink pouring rain outside.
  • 9:50pm - Finally dismissed. Have completed looking at C's in Knitting Olympics. Slog back to car arriving wet.
  • 10:12pm - Driving home slowly, with freeway speed. 45MPH.
  • 10:45pm - Showered, cleaned, snuggled on couch.
  • 12:03am(est) - Bedtime for Bonzo.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Like you said, that's one long day! I hope today is a little shorter...or less busy.

11:14 AM  

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