Friday, March 03, 2006

Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes

These are a few of my favorite search terms:

How do tamagotchis get married? - I just don't have a snappy comeback for this. I'm anti-pet, and weird beepy fake pets count in that.

Singapore cats - Is this like "them swinging Singapore cats?" I'm off to Singapore next week but I'm not into cats. See above. Besides, I'm more looking forward to them Singapore Slings.

Naked pizza - Hmmm two of my favorite things, but I'm not sure about combining them. I'm not much for sex with food, and pizza that is naked is probably without the cheese. What's the point?

Garrison Keilor Hollywood Bowl - Cool. Not sure how I drew that, but I'll go see him if he's playing there.

devil ducky madonna gorillaz - I know where each of those terms came from individually. Who was looking for them all together and why?

***I HATE HATE HATE the Sound of Music. Why it popped into my head I really don't know, but I don't plan on letting it happen again.


Blogger Surreal Weasel said...

The sound of music? Is that the one that has a line in it like... "The hills are alive with the sound of music"? Hence the name I guess.

Is that the one?

2:03 PM  

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