Sunday, August 14, 2005

On the home front.

Wes & Laura
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Just arrived in this evening and I'm trying to get to bed, but I wanted to share a few vacation highlights and one of the best shots of the man and me.


  • Meeting all of the man's family and learning more about him through them.
  • A romantic night at a lake resort, a jacuzzi in the room and dinner overlooking the lake at sunset.
  • LOTS of ice cream!
  • Good weather for most of the trip. WICKED thunder and lightening storm last night.
  • Catching up with the roomie from college and introducing her to the man.
  • Buying a bike helmet, and taking the motorcycle out for a spin (me on the back of it of course!)
  • Movies! Saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Fantastic Four. Watched on video: Spaceballs, Down Periscope and Stealing Beauty.
  • By far the best: Falling asleep and waking up with my honey every night and every morning.

Amusing Tidbits

  • Learning Redneck
  • The uncle who told my man to "grab his fiancee and get her in the picture"
  • My man's mom referring to his brother's wife as "my other daughter-in-law" when speaking to me
  • Tournament Jawbreaker

Worst Moment of the Trip

  • Leaving the man at the airport this evening. Miss him already.


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