Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another weekend gone.

This weekend, was as usual, composed of relaxing, knitting and movies. I was ready to lay low for a bit and the rainy weather on Friday definitely fit my mood. Saturday I sept at the knitting store. Sunday I went for coffee with a friend and grocery shopping. Otherwise it was movies and knitting.

As you can see I finished another few sets of blocks on the Modern Quilt Wrap. At this point I'm at the half way mark. I also started working on another charity blanket - #12! - another little star in some great baby yarn I have had stashed away, waiting for the right time to play. I love how it's coming out!

Lastly, I watched an incredible movie tonight - Water. It is the story of two young Indian widows, one only seven, and the other in her late teens or early twenties. It chronicles what the lives of widows are like in India and how they survive. Although incredibly sad, the movie manages not to be a downer, just a poignant beautiful film. I would highly recommend it. (And the soundtrack is fabulous - I can't wait to buy it!)

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