Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Weekend Movies

Rear Window
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This was a relaxing weekend full of movies. On this weekend's list were:

Rear Window - This one was OnDemand on Comcast (read: free!) and I really liked it. It had been on my list for a while. Grace Kelly is gorgeous, James Stewart is funny and they all sort of get wound up in an alternately madcap adventure and Hitchcock mystery.

The Professional - Jean Reno was fabulous in this quirky action flick about a "cleaner" - a hitman for hire. Natalie Portman was young and cute, and Gary Oldman was freaky as always. I would recommend this for an entertaining evening.

Modigliani - I first got interested in this movie when I heard an interview with Andy Garcia on a local radio station. He was, suprisingly, a huge jackass. However, I wanted to watch it anyway. I have to say, it was fair. An interesting and sad story about a contemporary of Picasso.

Mad Hot Ballroom - A really cute movie about a ballroom dancing competition for the elementary and jr. high students in inner city Manhattan (NY) schools. Really a delightful movie.


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